Interface to handle files in Transfer

GET api/File/Ping?message={message}

Ping function to test authentication

PUT api/File/AddFile

Add new file to system

PUT api/File/AddFileWithReceipt

Add new file to system

GET api/File/GetFile/{id}

Fetch file from system

GET api/File/GetFetchReceipt/{id}

Get fetch receipt for file

GET api/File/GetFileInfo/{id}

Get file info by ID

GET api/File/GetFiles?status={status}&onlydownloadable={onlydownloadable}&fromTime={fromTime}&toTime={toTime}

Get files, returns files, if no paramters are used it will return all files for the last 30 days.

DELETE api/File/DeleteFile/{id}

Delete file from system

GET api/File/GetGroups

Get list of groups

GET api/File/GetCompanyGroups?companySsn={companySsn}

Get list of groups

GET api/File/GetFileNotification/{id}

Get file notification by ID

GET api/File/GetGroup/{id}

Get group from Transfer

PUT api/File/AddGroup

Add group

POST api/File/UpdateGroup

Update group

DELETE api/File/DeleteGroup/{id}

Delete group


Interface to handle company users in Signet Transfer

GET api/User/Get?ssn={ssn}

Get company user or users

PUT api/User/Save

Save company user to Transfer

POST api/User/Save

Save company user to Transfer

DELETE api/User/Delete?ssn={ssn}

Delete company user